Menu Planning Monday!

One of the best things we’ve done recently is learn to plan our meals for the week. Every Friday afternoon during my lunch break, I take my full hour and plan my main course for the week.  I then go through the recipes and make a list of ingredients.  I’ve been getting creative on pairing … Continue reading

Home Improvements

Sean and I are both pretty convinced that we’ll end up leaving this house better than when we got it. Maybe we’ll feel differently whenever we actually get to that point of leaving this rental home and move into something that is truly ours (and that of a bank too….).  But already we’ve done some … Continue reading

Unpacking Goal

Here’s my plan: by Saturday evening, everything in our home will find a place to live. It’s been about 2.5 weeks, and I think he and I are both tired of living out of boxes.  We’re ready to post those puppies on Craigslist and get them out of our house!  It’s mostly decorations, wall decor, … Continue reading

Daily Devotional

Approximately 9 months ago, Sean and I placed membership at the First Baptist Church in Richmond. If you’re not familiar, Sean and I met at a school that is based out of the Churches of Christ.  It took a while to come to grips with the differences, determine if we didn’t think they were biblical, … Continue reading

IKEA “morning” trip

Saturday was the last opportunity Sean and I had to run errands and purchase items together before our move. Did I mention we found a great home to rent and are moving on Friday?  No?  Well, surprise!  All we’ve been doing is packing, purging, and purchasing for the new place since we signed the lease … Continue reading

Menu Planning Sunday

In order to keep us on budget and to eat a little healthier, I’m cooking almost every day Sunday – Thursday. I’ve learned that I have to prepare ahead of time for our meals, otherwise, everything just spoils and we’ve wasted a lot of money.  How I’ve made it work is planning our meals on … Continue reading

Hello world!

See those two above? That’s us!  Sean and Emily.  About five years ago, we moved to Richmond from our small college town in Arkansas (which neither of us hail from). It’s been a great five years, and I realized I don’t have a place that I’ve really documented all of our adventures.  With blogs in … Continue reading