Menu Planning Sunday

In order to keep us on budget and to eat a little healthier, I’m cooking almost every day Sunday – Thursday.

I’ve learned that I have to prepare ahead of time for our meals, otherwise, everything just spoils and we’ve wasted a lot of money.  How I’ve made it work is planning our meals on Saturday and grocery shopping, and then after church on Sunday I spend the day cooking and prepping for the week.  It’s a little exhausting, but worth not seeing things go to waste.

This is week three.  Last week I was traveling in Atlanta Sunday – Wednesday, so Sean was on his own and my company took care of my meals.

Almost all of my meals have been coming through Pinterest or from previously made recipes.  You can find the recipes I’ve made here.

The Recipes This Week:

I’ve even agreed to making a meal for Sean for him to bring to work — Thanks, Jenel for that idea!  We still have a small budget for lunches.  For instance I use mine to buy fresh fruit, veggies, and various sides or drinks in the lunch room.  Sean can do the same or splurge for a bigger lunch when they go someplace he likes.

We’ve also called about four different potential homes!  Hopefully I’ll have updates on that soon!


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