Posted in August 2012

Unpacking Goal

Here’s my plan: by Saturday evening, everything in our home will find a place to live. It’s been about 2.5 weeks, and I think he and I are both tired of living out of boxes.  We’re ready to post those puppies on Craigslist and get them out of our house!  It’s mostly decorations, wall decor, … Continue reading

Daily Devotional

Approximately 9 months ago, Sean and I placed membership at the First Baptist Church in Richmond. If you’re not familiar, Sean and I met at a school that is based out of the Churches of Christ.  It took a while to come to grips with the differences, determine if we didn’t think they were biblical, … Continue reading

IKEA “morning” trip

Saturday was the last opportunity Sean and I had to run errands and purchase items together before our move. Did I mention we found a great home to rent and are moving on Friday?  No?  Well, surprise!  All we’ve been doing is packing, purging, and purchasing for the new place since we signed the lease … Continue reading