IKEA “morning” trip

Saturday was the last opportunity Sean and I had to run errands and purchase items together before our move.

Did I mention we found a great home to rent and are moving on Friday?  No?  Well, surprise!  All we’ve been doing is packing, purging, and purchasing for the new place since we signed the lease about five weeks ago!

We knew that we’d eventually need to make an IKEA trip.  Let’s face it.  There is no place better to go for cheap, modern, and okay quality home furnishings than IKEA. The house we’re moving into is a cute cape located in the suburbs southwest of the city.  This cape was built in the 80’s and doesn’t have the closet space that today’s modern woman needs.

We purchased this handy little wardrobe and the main reason for our trip:



The DOMBAS wardrobe.  We also got some upgraded hardwear as the plastic handles aren’t really my thing.  Once it’s built and we’re settled in, I might try to give it some tweaks to look a little more “high quality” than it is.  It’s huge and HEAVY.  I’m very thankful we got the Forearm Forklifts for the move….

I’m also on a big kick to get better organized when we move in and have been obsessed with pinning great storage ideas to my For the Home pinboard on Pinterest.  One of the great ones I’ve seen is this one by artlovefasion.com.  In comes the PLUGGIS series from IKEA.



I’m planning to use the biggest one to hang our cutting boards and then finding a use for the other ones either in my office or in the kitchen — salt and pepper near the stove maybe?  

I’ve also fallen in love with this pin (although I can’t find the source 😦  can you direct me so I can pin it?).  I’m a sucker for scarves and currently have them in a sweater box in my closet.  Since they’ll be in the wardrobe, I don’t want to them to take up precious hanging space where they’re visible and in the box, it’s hard to see what you have.  I found the RATIONELL at IKEA:



Why yes, it is a trashcan.  But I think I’m going to try to make it work either on the inside of the wardrobe drawers or hanging neatly beside.  I bought two and might try to have some of my go-to purses in there as well for easy switching.

Last but not least, we need to find pantry storage.  

This is a sense of heartache and the thing I think we’re miss the most about the apartment is our “magic” pantry.  Seriously, it kept food fresher way longer than should have been appropriate and is HUGE.  Seriously.  It fit all of our food, all of our entertaining items, and then some.  It’s kind of ridiculous how much it held.  We’ve purged a lot of the “stuff” we haven’t used in 5.5 years we’ve been married, but still need a place for the food.

As mentioned in a previous post, we’re cooking a lot more.  Well, up until I packed up all of my kitchen.  We tend to have a lot less “on hand” food as I’m buying more fresh produce and meat and a lot less “pantry” type items.  My goal is to have Sean eventually build one of these for some items, but until then, we found the LERBERG.



With the price I was half tempted in buying another one for the office or perhaps the living room!

We also bought a bunch of other items, including furniture for the cats!  JD is so stressed out, we want to make sure he has someplace high he can go and be with us yet have a bird’s eye view.  Sook’s taken a liking to it, but we’ll be sure that he will too once we finally get the keys!

Signing off until probably some time next week when we’re in the HOUSE! 


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