Unpacking Goal

Here’s my plan: by Saturday evening, everything in our home will find a place to live.

It’s been about 2.5 weeks, and I think he and I are both tired of living out of boxes.  We’re ready to post those puppies on Craigslist and get them out of our house!  It’s mostly decorations, wall decor, and “why the heck did I pack this?” stuff left in random boxes throughout the house.

Saturday Sean had off, so we tackled some of our first home maintenance type items and made some big purchases!

We spent most of our afternoon at Lowe’s.  We walked away with about $50 missing from our Moving Fund and without two gift cards Sean had collected over the years.  But, we now have drive way markers, weed & grass killer (our “driveway” was awfully green instead of gravel), a junk “drawer” for the living room, curtain rods, a rake, and the main point of our trip — the LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System.

Last week, I did my Sunday laundry, like I always do.

It was Wednesday evening before the clothes were complete dried.  Needless to say, some of those are getting re-washed this week.

Luckily (or unluckily?), this was a problem when we first moved into our apartment about three years ago.  They let us know that they had to clear out the dryer venting system and amazingly it worked like a charm after that.  So we knew that’s what needed to happen.  Looking around, repairmen cost $100+.  This tool cost about $35 dollars and took about 45 minutes (mainly because we didn’t know what we were doing).

My darks were dry after 50 minutes in the dryer.

Which means I can now assess my “closet” and figure it out.

Things Left to Do:

  • Decorate “Office” area: hang frames, find filing, organize bookshelf, set-up extension cord
  • Finish closet: organize wardrobe, hanging items, jewelry set-up, perfume/lotion area (bathroom or closet?)
  • Organize Towels:  move to appropriate areas and find a home for them (ie, not the master bedroom floor)
  • Mount the TV: TV mount bought — just needs to be hung!
  • Art work hung: Out of the box an onto a wall (even if it doesn’t stay there)
  • Finish Living Room Tray: spray painting a plain tray to corral remotes, jewelry, other items in the living room.
  • Make a Goodwill box: Have found a couple things we want to give away even after moving… ::sigh::
  • Take Cable Boxes Back to Comcast: we got new ones in the move, we now just have to return the old ones
  • Christmas Dishes: Order storage from Crate and Barrel, find a non-permanent solution in the spare bedroom
  • Re-up Craigslist listings: post piccolo and media stands again, add a post for the boxes (free)
  • Find a place to store extra storage boxes: We’ll need them again at some point, just don’t know when.
  • Sweep and swiffer all floors and porches: so done with the pine needles!

Wish us luck!


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