Home Improvements

Sean and I are both pretty convinced that we’ll end up leaving this house better than when we got it.

Maybe we’ll feel differently whenever we actually get to that point of leaving this rental home and move into something that is truly ours (and that of a bank too….).  But already we’ve done some minor tweaks just to help it look nicer.

Sean has become the kind of outside.  For the past few weekends, he’s gone out there and worked on our almost non-existant yard.  Not non-existant because of size, but because of the lack of grass.  Of course we moved in at the end of summer, so we don’t have a chance to really grow some grass in the bald spots until spring time, but we’re making progress so the place isn’t covered in pine needles.  Some large branches disappeared and now you can actually see our cute little home from the road and he’s raked some of the pine needles into larger piles that we’ll eventually get into yard bags (we just purchased some tonight!).

I managed to just about finish my office/closet.  Sean thought it looked really awesome when he came upstairs and saw the work I had done.  I’ll post pictures as soon as the house is finished….

Yes, we managed to not get everything done by Saturday. But. But!  We got a lot done:

Things Left to Do:

  • DONE! – Decorate “Office” area: hang frames, find filing, organize bookshelf, set-up extension cord
  • DONE! – Finish closet: organize wardrobe, hanging items, jewelry set-up, perfume/lotion area (bathroom or closet?)
  • Sunday’s project — Organize Towels:  move to appropriate areas and find a home for them (ie, not the master bedroom floor)
  • DONE! – Mount the TV: TV mount bought — just needs to be hung!
  • Art work hung: Out of the box an onto a wall (even if it doesn’t stay there)
  • DONE! – Finish Living Room Tray: spray painting a plain tray to corral remotes, jewelry, other items in the living room.
  • DONE! – Make a Goodwill box: Have found a couple things we want to give away even after moving… ::sigh::
  • Somewhat? They’re in Sean’s car to go back… Take Cable Boxes Back to Comcast: we got new ones in the move, we now just have to return the old ones
  • DONE! Kinda – we used one tupperware container instead.  One day those quilted beauties will be mine — Christmas Dishes: Order storage from Crate and Barrel, find a non-permanent solution in the spare bedroom
  • FAIL! – I’ll get there sometime this week or it might be Sean’s project…Re-up Craigslist listings: post piccolo and media stands again, add a post for the boxes (free)
  • FAIL! – I’m getting there, but the old pantry containers have yet to find homes…. Find a place to store extra storage boxes: We’ll need them again at some point, just don’t know when.
  • DONE! But it’s a daily thing.  Just excited the floors are clear to sweep! – Sweep and swiffer all floors and porches: so done with the pine needles!

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